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“In this book there isn't a dominant character. Even if Tyler is the man in love, he is not the weaker of the two.”
independent reviewer Elisa Rolle | FULL REVIEW at Elisa’s LJ

“I highly recommend this one to anyone looking for a great story between two strong, good-looking men.”
Sandra | The Romance Studio

“Theda Black did an excellent job of showing how love can blind one to the faults of that loved one, and Tyler and Will were definitely blind. She did an excellent job of portraying a man that is barely hanging onto the edge of sanity and how such profound grief can affect everyone around the person and suck them in to the downward spiral.”
Hayley | Fallen Angel Reviews

At romance author Raine Delight’s blog, author Clare London calls AFTER ANNA “…a not-comfortable read in some ways because it deals with bereavement and the complex but passionate relationship between two men left behind, but I enjoyed the rich, tense, emotional writing very much.”
"’After Anna’ is told in short, staccato-like chapters that lend an urgency and intensity to the story that is reflected in the actions and dialog. The author does an excellent job of getting into the main characters' psyches and giving them valid reasons for the way they feel and act.”
“The writing is taut and realistic, the heat generated between the two men is almost palpable at times…”
Jimbo | Rainbow Reviews

“Theda Black has written a complex relationship between two very different men.”
Woodland Nymph  | FULL REVIEW at Literary Nymphs

“Those readers who are looking for something which plays around with style and structure may find this book an interesting read.”
Jenre | Well-Read Reviews

Theda Black gives us a great story in After Anna. It revolves around love, loss, sorrow and how we overcome it.
Tina | TwoLips Reviews

"I liked the story a lot … I loved the hard raw sex, and the angst both Will and Tyler showed."
The Cat's Meow

TOUCH LIKE BREATHING (formerly published separately from After Anna; now combined)

“…they also know that the other will always be there, and that between them it will never end.”
independent reviewer Elisa Rolle  | FULL REVIEW at Elisa’s LJ

“I loved it.”
“The author brings Will and Tyler to life with real emotions and stubborn attitudes that go along with two alpha males.”
“…just a little on the darker side…”
Sandra | The Romance Studio

“This one took me by surprise at the depth of emotion explored in this book. There was so much realism it was almost voyeuristic. With stunning clarity, I was able to visualize all the warmth, confusion, pain and hope portrayed within these pages.”
WitchGiggles | FULL REVIEW at Alternative-Read

“There's a lot of angst and drama in this story, but some lighter moments too ~ one quite hilarious episode where a drunken Tyler tries to give Will head when he's driving in heavy traffic. Ms. Black shows a real flair for comic writing in this part, and once again got my undivided attention as the two men share their hopes, doubts and fears as the story unfolds.”
“Sometimes sequels can be a bit of a let down, but I found this one to be even more gripping than the original story. Highly recommended!”
Jimbo | Rainbow Reviews

“Complicated, frustrating, amazing. Highly recommended.”
“Theda Black had brought back two of my favorite characters - Will and Tyler - and shown us again how addictive the two are. Will, with his broken heart, fear and self righteousness that make him so very brittle and edgy. And Tyler, with his deep heart and tragic sense of responsibility and guilt that renders him so very heartbreaking. The two together could either complete or destroy each other. And mostly, it's a coin toss on any given day which way they will go. But that's what draws me to these two men. They are so very complicated and harsh and hurt each other, but are also so bonded by their love for one another, they can't let go. They make love a struggle, neither knowing how to let their walls down and connect. When they do, though, this story flies. And it takes me with it.”
FULL REVIEW at A Bear on Books


“It’s not the first time Theda Black surprised me with her complex characters.”
Independent reviewer Elisa Rolle | FULL REVIEW at Elisa’s LJ

“Zach is sensitive, resourceful, troubled by traumatic past, somewhat insecure, brave, likable, and loyal. Mal is brooding, tough, troubled, brave, likable, and no viewpoint which gives the mystery to what is happening to him as seen by Zach / the readers.”
“The story moves fast with mood of horror and suspense.”
Book Robot Reviews

“In many aspects this story is saddening, touching and exceptionally well written. A mix of emotions that will throttle your mind will assail you. From each moment it’s unpredictable what will happen next.”
Sidney | FULL REVIEW at Top2Bottom Reviews

“This shifter book has to have one of the most unique set ups I've read in a shifter romance.”
“The claustrophobic atmosphere, the tension and genuine fearfulness that permeates the story was gripping and I found it difficult to put the book down. This contrasted nicely to the awkward and yet sweet way the men get to know each other and the fierce bond of protectiveness which arises between them.”
Jenre | Well Read

“The characters carry the story completely and this is above all about the connection that can form between men in a confusing and scary situation. Whether the men can use the connection, that chemistry to change their fate is at the heart of the story.”
“The excellent cover art gives you an idea of what the story is about but if you’re looking for something slightly creepy, erotic, and interesting – check this out.”
Kassa | Three Dollar Bill Reviews

“The author Theda Black explained in her afterword that Beneath the Neon Moon came about from her wanting to pull off the challenge of writing this pretty fantastical storyline … with “heart.’ And whataya ya know – in my opinion she actually pulled it off! Somehow, the story did morph into a believable love story in the end. And she did that by the very strong characterizations for her main characters Zach and Mal.”
FULL REVIEW at Who Reads These Books (Romance With a Twist)

“I thought this was a very intriguing and interesting take on the werewolf myth. There were a few times where I wondered how things were going to end up and I kept imagining the worst. I like it when a book makes me go all wide-eyed and gaspy.”
“They're trapped, they don't know one another, they have no reason to think they're going to come out of this in one piece and they slowly find themselves falling for one another. Considering the setting, it was oddly sweet and hopeful. Zach's history is compelling and it deepened the story exponentially. Without his tough past, I don't know if I would have been as invested in how things played out. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the path we took to the end and I'm looking forward to reading more by Theda Black.”
Kelly | FULL REVIEW at Paranormal Book Reviews

“BENEATH THE NEON MOON is one creepy suspense story. Theda Black knows how to turn on the scare and keep it percolating.”
“The rest of the story is full of suspense and leads the reader into a well-paced horror story. We find out what’s going on at about the same time Zach does. This is a nicely drawn, old-fashioned story of the kind you might tell around the campfire just before going to bed with your eyes wide open and your ears hearing every gust of wind, every crack of a branch.”
Mrs. Condit | Mrs. Condit and Friends Read Books


“Very emotional and filled with torment over not being able to be together, over possibility of losing each other. Sense of sacrifice, esp. on Jared's part, for the sake of love.”
“WRITING STYLE: beautiful.”
Book Robot Reviews

“The best thing about this story is, in an interesting way, Theda managed to make a coming of age story mix well with that supernatural suspense. She also doesn’t stray from the use of drugs and alcohol, which many teens get wrapped in with. The love the two boys have for each other is very real and very intense, being best friends first and then realizing that there is something more. It’s very sweet, but also very sad.”
Seth  | FULL REVIEW at Top2Bottom Reviews

"Levi is definitely not a sparkly vampire. He is sexy but dangerous. I liked this book with its darkness. You could feel the angst in both Levi and Jared. The twists and turns were intriguing." | The Cat's Meow

"I really liked The Vampire’s Boy for the atypical vampire, as compared to the modern treatment of vampires we usually see, the romanticized one that’s sexy. In this story, the vampire is tragic and scary. Brilliant story."
"There are some hot scenes between guys, three of them, but the love story between the main character and his best friend is sweet and brave and really made this story special, most especially because of that vampire.
Really enjoyed it. Recommended."
FULL REVIEW by K.M. Frontain at The Soulstone Chronicles

"What I absolutely loved was the fact Black doesn’t make it easy for her characters. I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to suspend my disbelief for the fairytale ending with the magical I love you’s that fix everything in fetishistic M/M erotica. I shouldn’t have been, because there isn’t a fairytale ending with magical I love you’s for these men. There’s something better. It’s raw and real and it’s on both of their terms.”
FULL REVIEW at The Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell


"I loved the characters, and felt for them, even if I wanted to smack them upside the head a few times, like the momma-hen I am. The author made it easy to embrace them and want to get to the bottom of things right along with them.

The world created came to life on the page and you were there, seeing, feeling, tasting, and hearing everything just as Xander and Seth were. The creepy vibe mixed with the sensual and erotic vibe did wild things to my senses and I gobbled it all up like my most favorite meal!"
FULL REVIEW at Sharonica Logic